Thai Union Ingredients

Nutrition from dock to door

Thai Union Ingredients produces nutritional ingredients, being
part of global seafood innovator Thai Union, we focus on
valorizing all parts of fish into value-added marine ingredients.

We are the first fully dedicated and vertically integrated marine ingredients producer, aiming to set industry standards by transforming the freshest co-products from our own seafood facilities in our end-to-end integrated supply chain using the latest technological innovation to develop a broad range of nutritional ingredients for use in consumer goods such as infant formula, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical applications, cosmetics, clinical nutrition and pet food

Being part of global seafood innovatorEnsuring traceability from dock-to-doorDeveloping innovative solutions
Being part of global seafood innovator
Being part of Thai Union, a global seafood innovator, we can secure the required volumes to guarantee a consistent and reliable supply for our customers from with multiple supply points in Thailand, Ghana and The Seychelles. We work closely together with our seafood processing facilities around the globe to maintain the freshness of our fish co-products to deliver excellent quality nutritional ingredients.
Ensuring traceability from dock-to-door
Being the first vertically integrated and fully dedicated marine ingredients producer we have end-to-end control over the entire production chain enabling us to focus on quality and sustainability, whilst employing traceability of our products from dock to door. This allowing us to trace where each and every tuna fish is caught, how it is caught and by which vessel.
Developing innovative solutions
Through our over 40 years of experience in the seafood industry and being at the fore-front of innovation and technological developments, we can deliver innovative and cutting-edge nutritional ingredients supported by researchers and scientists at our Global Innovation Center in Bangkok, who identify innovations and translate these into value-adding solutions for our ingredients business.