Thai Union Ingredients is a fully vertically integrated tuna oil
and marine collagen peptides solution provider. We control each step
of the way from fishing to finished products to ensure sustainable,
trace-ablem safe and high quality products, from sea to shelf.


State-of-the-art and best in class technologies. With proximity to fresh sources as well as key customer locations. Consistent. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Supply Chain

Being part of Thai Union, the leading global seafood company, we can ensure consistent and reliable supplies, with our own processing sites in Thailand and Germany.

Our plants are closely located to our initial seafood processing facilities to guarantee we can select the freshest raw materials processed under optimum conditions to deliver excellent quality oils and collagen peptides.

We understand the importance of traceability for nutrition and health ingredients. With our vertically integrated supply chains, we ensure traceability of our products from sea to shelf. Our newly built plants use the latest technology and are FSSC 22000 certified. A clear example is our crude tuna oil which is of such excellent quality that our refining process requires only a light treatment in order to meet the highest quality requirements of Infant Formula customers.


Our processing facilities are internationally certified, perform in line with the highest industry standards and can deliver specific customer requests.